How to make a bracelet crochet

Learn to crochet

Art supplies

To learn how to make a bracelet crochet need a needle, wool and above all, practice. In any store of “Chinese” or work shop, you will find different sizes needles and balls of yarn or thread. You have to adapt the needle thread or wool, ie for thick agujar choose thick wool, fine needle to thread or thin wool choose. The most common hooks are aluminum, but also can find wood that are particularly suitable for thick wool.

Basis points

The basic points to crochet are four:

  • Thread lockstitch : is the simplest and is used in your video Valeria to make a bracelet.
  • Dwarf point: is the most basic crochet stitches and the shortest height. It is used mainly for seams, top, advance, without the work grow in height, and dwindle.
  • Lowlight: it is a short point and is made without taking strand.
  • High point: it is taking a thread. You can double, triple, etc.

In the following video Valeria makes us a bracelet using the chain stitch and the low point:

How to make thread lockstitch

First make a ring with the thread, inserting the needle and hold the thread.

como hacer una pulsera de crochet o ganchillo

Remove the buttonhole thread is formed and stretch to tighten the knot.

pulsera de crochet, cadeneta paso 2

Having the eye between the thumb and forefinger of his left hand, hold the thread with the needle and pass through the eye.

pulsera de crochet, cadeneta paso 3

For the following string support thread and pass it through the dot on the needle.

pulsera de crochet, cadeneta paso 4


Repeat until you have the required number of chains.

Now you know make thread lockstitch. In the video Valeria learn to do the nadir, if you want to keep learning I recommend a very interesting and well done blog: “Weaving Peru”, you will find many tutorials very well explained by Ana Celia and Esperanza. They are two great artists who also have the gift of knowing how to teach, a divine gift.