The easy way to memorize multiplication tables

The easy way to memorize multiplication tables

Paula is my student four years ago. Her mom is my friend and she asked me if I could to teach classes to Paula.  I started with the multiplication tables, it was impossible that she could learn it. Today Paula learns the multiplication table, but yesterday she forgot it.

Every day we study together one multiplication table and perform the multiplications, so things are making progress,  but if she left of review the table in question, to them few days is you had forgotten, so her mother and I have created a working method:

Paula live immersed in a world of multiplication tables. Every day she will study only one table, and for several days she must review only this:  before sleep,is in the car, etc. Despite these efforts, Paula couldn't learn them by heart.

6 steps to learn the multiplication tables

As I don't easily give up we continue to practice.  I asked myself why Paula wasn't learning the multiplication tables. Paula is alert and curious the little girl, she likes science, history, loves visiting museums. By knowing that she like to visit museums,  I invited her to visit  the Museum of mathematics. I wanted that "Experiencing Mathematics".  It was a good experience for her, because she found that the mathematics are fun.

After three years, many practice and some despair Paula knows multiplication tables, it has been a challenge for both, for her as a student and for me an educator.

6 steps to learn multiplication tables.

  • Teach him what it means to multiply
  • Make him understand the commutative property
  • Awaken interest in mathematics
  • Rote
  • Practice
  • Immersion total

And most especially, "You don't give up", and of course, I never thought that Paula wouldn't be able to learn them.  I don't think that anyone wouldnt' be able, if you want  you can learn anything.

The secret is to awaken their interest, in the sense that the student is curious to learn more.  In the case of Paula, one day it occurred to have a video with multiplication tables with a dedication to her.

When she watched the video and heard her name, instantly adopted video as a close personal object, a kind of toy or pet which always return. And so, playing with a video that she always felt his and with which could interact when would like to developed a habit personal, certain constancy, that you allowed learn is them insed of multiply playing to their air, singing, imitating, without pressures, and in final, without just give is has.

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