6 tips to make reading a habit

In psychology a habit is any action repeated regularly, it becomes routine, part of our philosophy of life and learn, so if we want reading to become a habit in the lives of our children, we must educate them and motivate them to do so. But why is it so important to read:
  • nurtures a child's imagination and creativity
  • increases understanding,
  • build vocabulary,
  • improves writing,
  • promotes concentration,
  • It reduces stress,
  • power empathy,
  • it helps take the dream and, i
  • we had a great time

How to Develop Your Reading Habit

The love of reading should be a reward and not a punishment, sometimes we punish children by sending them to the room to read, or remove them mobile and give a book, doing so they will link reading with moments negative, educate them from a playful:
Example isn't another way to teach, it is the only way to teach. Albert Einstein
  • The envirment in your home is very important, if your child has never seen to read, you can hardly convey the love of reading, do not forget that kids love to imitate.
  • Introduce them in books from babyhood is a good way to start, you read a adapted to their age before bedtime tale rest will make them better.
  • Choosing an afternoon to spend some time reading the whole family together, each in his reading, the children will live it as a special time to calm them.
  • Sure you have a library close to home, as you go out to the park, program one afternoon a week to go to the library and let your child choose reading, not force you to choose the books you like them.
  • When your child see a movie that you liked a lot and is based on a book, invite him to read the book, discover new storylines and secure latches. My son loved the first Harry Potter movie, we went to the library and showed him the book, from the time he began to read assiduously.
  • For his birthday, for kings always give her a book, although at first not read, will have them on hand if one day they decide ...
  • If you are lucky enough that your child loves to read, congratulations, but if not just fall in love, do not force it, follow these tips and surely will gradually "hooked".


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